Dreams, the Future

I feel I'm living a dream now. Yes, things could always get better and I always keep striving for more, but I am quite content. I find meaning in my work and I have carved out creative space for myself. My children are healthy and intelligent and I pray that God sees them through their journey with the utmost care. I have access to what I need. I don't have a lot of money, but I do have enough to support my family. My husband is a good man. My parents are supportive and loving me and my grandparents too. I pray for all of them. Sometimes I don't feel I pray enough, but as I think about them in my mind and wish them good health and happiness I know that the thought is also a prayer in itself.

I have aches and pains that come with age, and sometimes I feel they are curses on me that I can't eradicate. Is my body controlling my mind? I can't explain it, but there are aches that seem unnecessary. Alas, it's out of my hands. I just pray for strength.

My dreams are still vibrating through the crevices of my mind. Spelman for the girls. A book of short stories, or maybe even this blog with signing tours and speaking events. Museums and galleries interested in my work. More travel. More friends. Health and discipline to achieve these goals. Sometimes I dream of being in entertainment, but I'm not sure how I would fit. I wish Oprah and Tyler Perry would read my blog and then dream a dream I can't even see for myself.

I really want my girls to get scholarships to Spelman. I want a place where they can grow into the ladies I think they can become. I want them to join a sisterhood where they are taught to be leaders. They may have many choices and may not even like the idea of an all women's school. But in my mind, it is the best thing for them. That is my dream. I will do my best to encourage academic excellence and life skills that will prepare them for their future. Only time will tell but we will all do what we can to create a powerful generation of Earth changers.

I know so many things are possible with hard work and goals. Sometimes you have to speak your dreams into existence. That's what I'm doing now. Speaking my dreams, sharing and sending out into the Universe. 


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