Empty, thirsty millions

The thin, dry air constricts the growing
Drought time now, with the animals
Thirsting, the flora turning to death.
Famine takes over as manipulation
-       God’s hand? Or man’s demons?
The land grows tired
The people walk.
Migration time.
Nomads in the millions
Starved for the basics.
But we have water.
Can you share?
If your skin matches mine, maybe say the malicious.
We will all have enough, say the decent and good.
At least we will try.
Our leaders bicker among themselves
Women in corners no longer hushed or silenced
Say there are solutions
But is the bickering just a cover for unsaid truths?
How they show off their money…
Money. Is that it?
The truth is in the land, the water, the energy.
Don’t hide behind empty paper for your solution.
The feast is not for the masses until change truly comes.
Food deserts at every corner, crops wilting in wait of
The infamous trade deal that never means anything
Wasteful. Apartheid.
Who in turn will feed the world when it hungers?
Who will heed the call to sharing resources?
I see the good ones, but their caring may not be enough.
Is it a party you seek or sustenance?
Do they fool you into eating less than your share to starve you?
The mind games. 
Are you starving right now?


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