Independent Investigation Needed

This week I was saddened and very upset about the news that Joshua Brown, a key witness in the Botham Shem Jean murder trial, was gunned down outside of his new home.  This happened two days after the trial ended with a guilty verdict for former police officer Amber R. Guyger, 10 days after his testimony. She ended up with 10 years behind bars and the prosecutors' key witness ended up dead. This happened in Dallas, Texas.

So far, the police department has no leads, except a speeding silver sedan leaving the scene. Most people of color highly doubt that the police are impartial and will give Mr. Brown's case the thorough investigation it deserves. In times like this I believe the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation should step in and do their job. This deserves a proper investigation. Two black men murdered. Where is the real justice? If you haven't read about this case, I highly suggest you google some of the names mentioned.

Black men are constantly under attack and police brutality is a real threat to their well being.  I raged internally as I heard about the second murder, as I did with the first. We must love and protect to our best ability our men who have spent centuries under oppression that continues today.  Since Trayvon Martin's death in 2012, the brutality of men and women of color seem to just keep happening and happening. We have more cameras and we have more people paying attention to the concerns, but it doesn't stop people from dying.

I believe there should be a Racial Justice Commission or something like that, that investigates Hate Crimes and the crimes of the police. Something should be done. It goes on and on.  I'm sending love to Joshua Brown and Botham Jean's families. They have suffered and lost so much.  Keep them in your thoughts and pray there is resolution.


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