Time to Decompress

Sometimes we get bombarded with news that is negative and we fall into the cycle of doom and gloom. I tend to do that. I react when I hear of suffering and I want to help, or at least, draw attention to the situation. Sometimes I react in an essay, editorial, poem, image - whatever I feel at that moment. This is my space to do that. These are my opinions and I hope you take from it whatever you like and then form your own opinions. I think that I'm blessed to live in a nation where I can say what I want. Not everyone can do that. I want to protect those freedoms by using them.

I get sucked into my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook feeds all the time. I am on the New York Times, the Atlantic, the New Yorker, the Washington Post articles like its a religion. I was reminded at a seminar I went to recently that it is important to step out of the feeds and back into reality where there is peace and calm. Yesterday, I hid my phone in my room and went out in my backyard with a book for many hours. I read a lot. It is important to read for pleasure as much as I can because if I read to just keep up with the news, I will get overwhelmed.

I am trying to exercise more and get outside more. I'm trying to be more present with my family instead of gazing at my phone all day. These are hard things to do because I get drawn into whatever crusade to save the world populates my feeds. It's a new world where we really can make a difference in ways we couldn't before.

This weekend I'm taking a road trip for some hiking and educational tours and I'm on planning going to a few museums with my girls and my husband. It's important to get out into the world and not just see the world through a screen. The screen is a powerful tool. But it will suck us in and sour our souls if we aren't careful. What I realize is that seeing different groups of people as different from us defeats the point of sharing our beautiful world. Yes, we all have cultural differences with our neighbors and even our enemies, but we are less enemies than we realize. We all love our families. We all want to have meaningful work. We all want to have access to resources. We all want to feel loved. We share way more than we even realize.

We have to see that we are more alike than different. I am not anyone's enemy. I am a loving person trying to see all people as worthy of life and liberty. If you don't agree with my opinions, hold your own, but never take them as me trying to tell you that my opinion matters more than yours. You know your life and you know how you feel. I know how I feel based on my experiences. I hope we all will realize we are so much more similar than our feeds may say to us.

I must remember to take breaks. Teatime. Coffee break. Dinner with family and friends. Screen free moments.

It's a must.

Working on it.


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