Health equals Happiness

I'm borrowing a plant stand from my mom since she's not using it right now. Surprisingly, the window I placed it in has a lot of light in the mornings that I didn't realize. So, with a little rearranging, I brought in some outdoor sedums that already got frostbitten, but I'm hoping for the best. I sense a trip to buy little plants in my future. Healthy plants is a sign that I'm good. I remember to water them, I move them in from the cold, I'm keeping them alive.

Healthy. That is the goal for myself, not just the plants, this upcoming year. I'm conversing with my doctor on the best steps for a healthy change. I know what I need to do, but I need a little help. I've been struggling with weight for years now and I do need to make changes. I just got back from a walk and I'm working on noting what I eat on a fitness app.  I walk and do water aerobics, but I really need to work on what I consume.

I'm also setting healthy boundaries with people. I'm too old for people to treat me any which way and get away with it. No yelling at me. No disrespect. I don't tolerate that in my life anymore after some turbulent times in the past. I respect myself too much now to allow anyone to do that. Most relationships in my life are healthy, but when things veer south, I am correcting that and making sure that folks know I'm done allowing nonsense.

Here's to health.

New babies to take care of.


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