The Power of Dreams

I don’t know how God moves through dreams, but he does. I am still crying from my dream this morning. I dreamt that the divided world was poisoned by people of different tribes wanting different things, not realizing that the world was big enough for everyone to coexist. I also think my dream wanted me to feel the pain of losing my child and the power of God’s restoration of loved ones in heaven. I dreamt that I was visiting different lands and planets where people after war had to convene and survive. They didn’t have all the blessings of the first land where there was water and fish swimming, plenty to eat. And they missed their loved ones sent off to different lands. They only had fond memories and spent many moons sad about the loss of home. I dreamt of a planet where they were women wanting to choose their own lovers. The fact we have choice is God’s miracle we don’t really talk about. Free will is such a gift. But I remember that in my dream my family was divided, and I hadn’t seen my children in many years. I wasn’t even sure they were alive. Then there on the home planet as we went back on a search mission there were signs of life. A scout went out and told about the people and how they were surviving and how they created beautiful things. I dreamt my daughter Amelia was one of their leaders and I knew it was her from the pictures sent back from the scout. But we’d been separated so long, I knew she wouldn’t recognize me. But it turned out Amelia and the people of the land didn’t want us there because resources were low. Their water was polluted, and fish no longer swam in their streams. But we came bearing gifts. I had this Thermos and in it was Jamaican style fish.  And I also had this powerful tool that could clean the dirty chemicals out of the water. The fish would multiply, and the water would be cleansed. At this miracle, the people in Amelia’s land opened their doors to us.  And then I saw my child. The last part of my dream they were singing Tell the world about Jesus, tell him about his love – A song that I remembered from church. I think we sang that song this past weekend.  And somehow, she remembered me and ran into my arms. She was grown, but still so lithe and beautiful. And then I saw my youngest, Gracie, beside her.  The separation was the most heartbreaking thing I could imagine. All I could think about was all the parents that lost their children and their profound grief. Holding my children again was what I imagined heaven would be like. I felt so sad for people like my parents that lost a child early. The grief is something I had only a taste of in my dream. It has me in tears this morning. I can’t imagine that pain for a lifetime. I’m praying for all the parents whose children are no longer with them. We are stewards of this earth. We have to keep the water clean, replenish what we take from it and share it with the world. Clean water is God’s gift to us. Free will is also a gift.
That was my dream. Still crying.


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