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Knit Scarf and Dog Collar

See the Beauty of Ourselves

Virtual Mess

Crystals and Knitting


Birdhouse of Flowers


Resist - A Must Watch

Higher Vibration

Body Art

My babies...

Somebody take the scale away.

Starting to walk again.

Have you picked up Essence?


Paris Jackson Makes Great Album

Small Axe streaming on Amazon Prime


Portrait, 16 lbs down.

Bariatric Surgery 5 Days Later

Excited and ready

Brown Girl by Unknown

The Black Book

Mi dawta's

Living Dreams

Virtual No Go

Podcast Thoughts

Prince William on Climate Change

The Pope Speaks on Climate Change

Krishna Das

40ish Feels Good

40-Year-Old Version

Passivity is not an option.

Got a Bike for My Birthday

The Dalai Lama Teaches

I See You


Restructure, Reform...

Time for a change.

A creation from years ago. Change

Hello, ma.


Remedy for a planet in need of healing.

Toots Hibbert at Peace

New Addition

A Glimpse of the Library

Books Upcoming for Me

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