Starburst Framed

A patron sent me a photo of my artwork framed. Lovely. I haven't been blogging lately, on to other endeavors. I don't make any goals of blogging. I just blog when the time feels right.

There's been quite a bit of loss in the world on a grand scale, but as someone reminded me, tragic losses that we never hear about also happen and are no less tragic. We are asked these days to wonder if we are next to die when we watch the current state of affairs on the news. It feels foreboding and omniscient. We have a choice. Live in fear of death or embrace it as another natural state of affairs on our planet. It feels painful to watch brethren tear down brethren.

All that aches our soul rests on our faith in whatever we believe. I believe in love. Love is infinity. Love is God. Love is energy that binds us together, riding on the electrical pulse of Earth. We have so many ways to experience love, but we stray farther apart from Love by embracing that war is a necessary evil. I know if you get different leaders, you get different outcomes. War is a money-making scheme for a few. It is also a control mechanism for the many. If we somehow took the energy to erase the violence of arms along with the destitution of poverty, we can actually make strides.

We are dealing with climate issues that can only be solved if we love each other enough to work unified. Not one nation, but all nations, unified in loving one another, tackling the issues our children care about - Earth and Her climate changing. She will be fine. We must look after ourselves. But as those unified, working towards positive, substantial changes to the current status quo of pollution grow up, we must make space for them at the table. They want to grow into our leaders now. We must accept them. Bring in the people of color, the women, the queer...bring them into shift dynamics. I wish people in power didn't believe so strongly in silencing voices when they can. These voices speak of ideals to strive toward. We become better. Better.

Faith keeps me going. For those not seeing the hope, sit outside and listen to the birds if you can. They will continue on, probably thrive with our extinction. But we can listen and learn that we too can ride air waves in unison. One People. One love.


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