Difficult Times

My town is bracing itself for COVID19.  Our main concern is those with weakened immune systems. In these times, I've seen people being kind to each other, in long lines and when we must share space. There is a kindness here that I truly appreciate. At the end of the day, we are all in this together. We protect our loved ones and neighbors. We put away the strife we may have had and we pray for each other. We wash our hands and sanitize to protect the next person as well as ourselves. This is a time for global unity, where we see each other as vulnerable human beings living a very human crisis - disease. A special prayer to those on the frontline, our healthcare workers who see to it that we have a place to turn to to get better. We expose them so we must be extra vigilant in being careful and thoughtful.
My children will be home for the next month. Work has been suspended. My travel plans have been cancelled. The movements of the people are changing. They did say that with climate change diseases would be more dangerous, just like they did say the storms would be worse. This is a season of distress for the human race on this planet, but with careful planning, good health care, strong homes up to code, and a general sense of caring for one another, we can get through this. We have to give what we can when we can to those struggling to find footing in such difficult times. Many go without healthcare and stable housing. Many children still go hungry. I fear for the children whose only meals come from school. The schools are doing their best to prepare and find a way to get hungry children the food they need.
We must take care of each other. We have to wrench out the evil in our communities that comes from those trafficking and enslaving others, those with firearms using it on their brothers and sisters - we are all brothers and sisters, those raping, stealing, killing....there is no place for that evil in our communities. These crimes will be punished and I fully support that. We must protect ourselves from growing an evil heart. Choose light. Choose good. Choose lovingkindness. Choose justice. And in however form you see Her, Him, choose God. 


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