I have to say homeschooling is going well. My oldest is still completely in school and has a full day's curriculum and I don't need to supplement. My youngest has time for, workbooks for Geometry and PreAlgreba and art lessons. Also, is fantastic. I got the math workbooks on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I'm glad she's in the studio again finding time to paint. We are working with acrylics and watercolors that I was able to get at Walmart. Also plenty of Watercolor, Oil/Acrylic, and Mixed Media paper there as well. I also bought a slime making kit because she loves slime.

She also has the school district's Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies online. I keep up with her teachers through Class Dojo. Class Dojo can work at home to help with chores and behavior incentives if you want to pay for that feature. I love having the kids in the house, but I can see that they miss their friends. There's a lot of time on Duo or Group Chats when they have free time for games like Roblox, Sims Cities, and Minecraft. I have my youngest reading Children of Blood and Bone for an hour a day. My oldest is reading To Kill a Mockingbird with her class.

We have a little construction going on at the house and my oldest gets involved with that. It's time well spent with her stepdad. My youngest thinks she's not really in school anymore and is very upset when I wake her up in the mornings, but I let her sleep as late as possible. Oldest is up and at it very early in the morning. Seeing their different personalities is funny to me, but I understand. We are all different creatures.

I'm glad we are updating the studio space down in the basement so we have better lighting and a hangout spot. I play music on the speakers while they work. So far so good. I always wanted to homeschool with support and this is a good way of doing it. When I get stumped on questions they have, there's always Google. I'm good. I hope this gives other parents the confidence to add to their children's curriculums.

To Do
4/ see email for login info
4/251 hour of reading Children of Blood and Bone
4/2530 minutes of
4/25Verge - Mr. Moore's Math for today
4/25Education Galaxy - Ms. Kirk's reading for today
4/25Verge - Science
4/25Studio Art - Finish Acrylic painting of Waterfall


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