Light out of Darkness

I think the bug I have is finally letting up. I’m no longer needing the NyQuil.  I have allergies now, but rain just washed away quite a bit of my nemesis, pollen. I have been enjoying making a to do list/lesson plan at nights for my youngest. I can’t lie, having the kids at home has been great for me because there is so much less time commuting from place to place. I’m happier with less time in the car. And my kids are old enough to not be driving me crazy. They are already pretty independent. I also think they have more time to keep up with chores. The to do list has a list of chores as well that she can mark off when done. We spend more quality time together. We talk and eat together. But realistically this is not as good for them as it is for me. They miss their friends and teachers. I can operate like this for a while because I am feeling like adding my lessons and books into their lives is amazing. With YouTube I can teach them calligraphy and drawing, yoga...anything really. They are not thrilled about yoga. So that might be just for me. But this is an opportunity to bond with my family. I am seeing the positive - the light out of darkness.


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