Shelter in place

We are now officially in Shelter-in-Place mode mandated by the county. The girls are going into their third week of school at home. My medicine and herbs are working, mucous on the chest alleviating. Sore throat a little less sore. But what I’ve found is that whatever is ailing me acts like it’s leaving and springs back up. I’ve got an uncle and aunt taking refuge here as well. Full house. We are blessed in many ways so we are managing well. I’m just grateful to still have access to the pharmacy, grocery and gas. It’s running very smoothly. I go out with a mask if I do go out, but I rarely leave. The parks are open too so walking is possible.

I have many newspapers and magazines keeping me updated so I don’t have to watch the television very much. I’m not fond of consuming my news from television, only when I have to. My aunt who does watch it nonstop and watches shocking videos online is more stressed. I think my role as matriarch is to keep stress levels down by not reacting to every alarming thing in panic. The kids are just going with the flow and happy to not have to wake up so early anymore. My husband is the kind of man you want in this type of situation, level-headed and prepared.

I am trying to get the girls to journal, but one actually said she’s documenting through her paintings. Okay, child, do your thing. I’ll just blog about it and record what I can.


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