An historic caste system, a modern crisis.

The inequalities a race based society has created 400 hundred years after the first slave ship still leaves its mark. Watch how historical hatred and a class system leaving black and brown at the bottom rungs of society plays out in modern times with COVID19.

Black and brown are dying more than any others and they are not the majority in this country. The food deserts, lack of healthcare and a general lack of resources has mounted into a true crisis for people of color in America. Poor communities are more polluted and dense, leaving sicker people with bodies unequipped to fight off this damn virus.

Check on your elders, share food, wear masks. Black and brown will have to work as one to save lives. Rumors like the idea black people can't catch the disease has caused many deaths. We have to look out for one another and allies need to see that if their community is surviving well, lend a hand to the communities on the other side of the tracks. 


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