As I hoped, the children are surpassing my abilities as an artist, but they are still finding their voices, style and purpose. This simple piece is mine.

I was reading Isaiah today and put it down quite upset at God's punishment of the children of Judah. But I went down to my auntie and asked her for her thoughts.

She said think of the Bible's stories of people being blessed, losing their way, being punished, finding God's grace again through penance, forgiveness then blessings again. As I scold my children for bad behavior, the Creator scolds us. But we can find him/her through putting away childish behavior and taking on living by his/her ways.

We then disagreed on the mandate that being gay is a sin since the intention was that man and woman procreate. As a bi/queer woman myself, I don't feel like I am made less in his/her image than someone straight. But that conversation could go on for hours so I ended it.

But I do believe as stewards of the earth we have to put reigns on the plastic industry to stop polluting our land with something that doesn't biodegrade. If we cannot give it back to the earth, she doesn't want it.

We should take on trafficking both humans and animals. Humans should be free, wildlife should be protected.

The list goes on and on on things we could do to make the world a better place, but we could start with ourselves and putting the leashes on our corporations and governments. Right now in this pandemic, people are losing rights for their safety. Let us make sure they are restored once we are healed.


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