Sunday Thoughts

We seem to be melding into a routine now. School, cooking, family time, personal time, bedtime. We miss our friends, but we are keeping each other entertained.

Netflix has the most black family programming compared to other platforms so we spend a lot of time on it. AJ and the Queen, Madame CJ Walker, Queen Sono, Family Reunion, Tiffany Haddish....great options. I started Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu (I think) and was not that into it even though it was interesting. It's a little problematic, but I see what they're trying to do. But still, from this black woman's perspective, not that great. Fantastic acting though. All of them are top-notch actors. Also trying to watch Jack Ryan on Amazon. I like it, although the black characters seem a little clueless. Why? I tell you, you can tell when people struggle to write black characters.

Today, I spent the day listening to Ben Harper, my husband in another dimension somewhere. :-) Nothing too hard, a little spiritual and warming.  I think I'll move on to some ska, gospel or classical later.

We are still keeping our distance from folks as best we can. We are masked anytime we leave the house. So far, we are in okay health. We are of the opinion, most of us probably had this bug earlier in the year, before it made the news in the States. When we get the home testing kits that will eventually make it here, we'll know for sure. But still, we are quite aware of the number of souls lost to COVID-19.  This virus is a beast. Who knows when things will be back to normal, if ever.

There was something about normal that still troubles me. I am spending more time with my family now. I'm cooking more. I'm not driving as much. I'm not flying as much. I've changed my habits so drastically I know Earth is happy I'm slowing down. I was always somewhere, pushing the limits. Now, I just focus on my most important things. Family, shelter, food. I know I'm blessed to be able to do that. For others, this is a nightmare from hell. And I pray that their lives return to a normal that is livable and sustainable.

(update: little fires everywhere is great storytelling, I recommend)


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