Another young black man gunned down by white men instilling their own cowardly sense of justice. There has been no true justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Why is it that Travis McMichael, 34, and his father Greg McMichael, 64, have only just been arrested? Greg McMichael was a former investigator for the local District Attorney and a former policeman. Is this why Ahmaud’s family and the growing national support behind them worry that there won’t be a fair trial?
I believe having a video of an unarmed man being hunted in a modern-day lynching should be enough to warrant arrests right after the fact. As attention grows to a fever pitch on getting justice for Ahmaud, we must remember, he was killed in February, months ago. Only tonight did authorities arrest and charge the men.
Black people facing insurmountable odds stemming from racists aimed to kill. We have to stand up with all Americans and say we should not hear another case like this. I support Ahmaud Arbery’s case being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation because too often justice is not served when the offender has ties to law enforcement. The video is heartbreaking. A man innocently goes on a run. He tries to fight for his life. He dies doing absolutely nothing wrong.
How many innocent people must lose their lives to vigilante justice? We were fed up when Trayvon Martin lost his life in February of 2012. The divisions in this country continue to grow. We need healers. We need justice for the fallen ones. Georgia must take a stand with the nation and world against this atrocity.
White neighbors and allies, please talk to your family and friends about Ahmaud. Don’t sit quietly if you know someone who shares the sentiments of the McMichaels. You may save a life by speaking and counseling that person harboring hate. Let’s heal our country from the stain of hatred. There are no two good sides to this story. There is a side of injustice and hate or the side of life and freedom.


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