Soft parts, Identity

On my walk today I ran across a deer. She let me take her picture. I saw others crossing the street. I think with so many fewer humans in their way, they are venturing out a little more out of the forest.

It was good to get out to walk today. It had been awhile. I've had low energy and I think exercise would help with that low energy, but with low energy, it's hard to exercise. But I walked an hour today.

I'm emotionally low today. It's the season. I always get low when we are going into summer. Many, many times I find myself having May blues. Strange, but true. The sun is high, but the mood is low.

I'm not wearing makeup in this selfie collage I posted. I washed my hair, put on a favorite outfit and sat outside. Makeup has barely touched my face the last couple of months. I see the age showing. I also see the fact that I have allergies and I'm swollen. But I'm mostly plump with lots of soft parts. That's the stage right now and it needs to change. But I've never been good about staying on diets or life plan changes or anything other than walking. I struggle. My family frets.

That's May for you. 


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