You Will Never Break Me...US

Blood and Fire coming...

George Floyd, your death will raise your people.

I'm at the rage part of my grief. I feel nothing but rage. But I feel this along with joy, comfort, and peace. I can do these feelings simultaneously. But the peace within will not be in the streets tonight. Tonight there will be raging. As reality seeps into the pores of quiet onlookers who have failed to speak of the injustice, places will burn. I feel it. Nothing but fire for the unjust. Those are my honest feelings. At first, I was wounded, but I am alive and with my breath, I will speak anger to those in power. That is my job. That is me. No more asking. The haters, killers of men, are the minority, no matter what anyone says. Trump is in the minority of humanity. Trump and his leaches are fighting for their existence, but it will not exist in my future. You will be buried in ruins. And people of color will rise above, uniting against an evil that plagues Earth. I see it. And I feel it. I do not fear you, hateful white man or woman. My abilities will bury you. Our planning will see your death. I do feel that. I'm tired and tired. Tired mi tired. I am lashing and I will continue. 


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