Anarchy vs. Activism

These are truly challenging times around the globe. In my neck of the woods, a State of Emergency has just been issued. We must be able to make changes without taking innocent lives. We must make our voices heard and let our government acknowledge our concerns and through our protest make changes to oppressive laws. What we find in the US is that the laws have been biased against black people so severely that racism is embedded in the social system.  But we cannot allow gangs and agitators to take over movements that are making a difference and changing lives. There are people who only see anarchy as the way forward. I completely disagree with that. Most of us want to live in peace. A peace that allows our children to be educated (in ways that are not demeaning and racist). A peace that allows grocery stores to operate without looting so everyone can eat.  These are just examples. 

We make a change by resisting the status quo in ways that don't involve the loss of life of innocents. This weekend, an 8-year-old girl lost her life to gun violence, among many others. Does that even make sense? So many cities fall victim to those who see an opportunity to bring fear into their neighbors because they are in the business of drugs, guns, and human trafficking, among other ailments to our communities. Placing these agitators in charge is not the way. Leading with cruelty is not the way. We must have a society that allows children to live in peace while maintaining the change needed for a just society. 

I just watched Chi-Raq over the weekend and loved it. Women took charge of their communities by denying their violent men sex. This is an old method of peaceful protest dating as far back as the Peloponnesian War, but very common across the globe today.  Women are right to bring peace to their homes. This is just an example of the many ways to quell the need for violence in so many people. There is a big difference in taking down Confederate statues versus looting a grocery store or killing a child. Big difference. Organizers can see that, and they must strategize in bringing peace to their land by keeping out criminals. 

There is power in the masses. Yes. But there must not be senseless killings and abuse of power. Peace and prayers to the family of Secoriea Turner and all the other families that lost children this weekend. I hope I've given you food for thought. Don't give up your neighborhoods to gang violence. 


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