Dreams and Compassion

As I set boundaries in my life with negative relationships, I learn compassion as I detach from toxic love. I am learning that I must let go, but also truly feel love in my heart, even if it is at a distance. I am trying to let those who are now leaving me know how grateful and blessed I have been to learn the life lessons from them that have made me a stronger person. 

I have also witnessed a peace with my deceased brother that only dreams can inspire. I was finally able to hold him and tell him how much I love him in my dreams. The moment that never happened between us as siblings alive, happened in a beautiful and profound dream that has covered me in love and reflection. He comes to me often as a child, but in this dream, he was a man. And I was able to hold him and let him know that I will be there for infinity. 

Last night I fell asleep listening to Pope Francis with choirs around the world, speaking in Italian and Spanish. The beat of the music the human heartbeat. I think I was in such a peaceful place at my resting that I was able to have the most pleasant dreams.

This evening I celebrated the Dalai Lama's 85th birthday by watching him live speaking to Londoners, particularly police officers striving to find compassion in their daily work. The violence of today can stem from not paying attention to teaching compassion and non-violence from a young age and throughout education as they grow. I gained so much insight. The work we need to do for the next generation is to teach them how to grow their inner world in a healthy manner. Violence begets more violence and it is repetitive and futile. Compassion can grow the body into a healthy, stress-free agent of change.

He also talked about the fact boundaries mean nothing for a world facing climate change. We all must work together as one planet to tackle the very serious challenge of the climate. I thought about this and I realized that this truly is one of the most important things. We cannot forget that we must create an environment suitable for generations to come. 

He also mentioned that his conversation was not a conversation about God, it was about us, humanity, and how we forge ahead with peace of mind. It was a fantastic conversation. Let us teach compassion to the children. That is the future. 


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