Forward March

Recognizing the importance of anger to initiate justice. Recognizing peace to initiate change.

If we didn't have anger, would we those around us understand inequity that needs to change?

Letting our anger inspire our need for better and using peaceful methods to make a change - that is effective. 

John Lewis and CT Vivian, longtime fighters of the Civil Rights Movement passed on Friday. 

To honor them, we pick up their march toward justice and keep going. 

I wish I had the words to express how grateful I am for the impact these men made on the freedoms I have. 

We have to keep moving forward. We must. 
Until Black Lives Matter means justice and reparations for those who have suffered under the inequities of America, 

until Indigenous First Nations rights are restored, 

until voter suppression is stopped in its tracks, 

until children are no longer in cages, 

until the people receive their portion,

We will continue our march forward.

That means changing laws, changing the criminal justice system, changing this country to support all who live here that keep it vibrant and functioning.

My ancestors keep me going. Lewis and Vivian are now walking among them, giving the living the strength to keep the movement going. 

I've learned so much. We all must change this country for the better. 

I support you all on the frontline. You know who you are.

Keep moving forward. 

The elders will be there for you. 


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