Walking in the Sunrise.

I find so much peace in taking pictures of plants. I mostly work with perennials that come back every year, but it requires patience to wait until they bloom again. It is an event for the bloom. As the news dims the spirit and the virus separates us, we must find solace in nature. We must still work for a better future, but the love that we give to plants and animals can change the world. It brings a peace that sometimes humans don't give to each other. As we work on self-love and loving others, taking care of the things around us can be uplifting. I am working on spending more time outdoors when the dew is still covering the land. The sunrise is a gentle time that can give calm to the spirit of the day. I use photography, painting, and writing as some of the coping skills learned to deal with the stress, big and small.  This blog is my best way to de-stress. Sharing with you what keeps me strong can maybe be passed along to help others. Whatever may be troubling you, don't give up on finding your happiness. You control your happiness, even when others choose to oppress you or make you feel unworthy. I think Nelson Mandela finding so much joy in life after experiencing so many years in jail is a testament to the human spirit. These days I don't tolerate too much disrespect in my personal life. If someone is abusive, I set boundaries. I create peace in my surroundings by surrounding myself with peace. I hope you are able to do the same. 


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