My morning walk today was quite beautiful. The park is practicing many social distancing protocols so it was best to just follow the rules. Times are really changing. I've been trying to get out walking more. I have a gastric bypass surgery coming up soon and I am preparing my body with water, exercise, and vitamins. This is a big transition for me since I've been plus-sized for at least a decade now. But for health reasons, it is a good idea for me. I've passed all sorts of approval hurdles and I'm now gearing up for settling on a surgery date. I've taken to the bariatric blogs and forums and I've learned a lot. Also, six months of nutritional training didn't hurt. To help me along the journey I've enlisted a therapist and a trainer. Both have proven quite helpful. This is no easy way out. The preparation for surgery is intense and thorough. Luckily, I have family support and I have no need to hide my decision from anyone. My journey may help the next person. So I look forward to the progress I make, but for now, I'll be biking and walking to build up endurance. Working on me is paramount to a happy life. I define my happiness and that's what I'm doing now. I write, paint, blog, and now exercise. I read a lot and I stay informed on current events. These things make me happy. So I'm just working on using my tools for success to keep moving forward. Every day is a new day, people.


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