The Hero Who Envisioned Our Greatness

 I grieve. 

We lost a great warrior and wise man in the death of Chadwick Boseman. The children were able to look to him for strength, a sign that I am a hero. I am powerful. I am a King. Gone too soon is an understatement. There was so much more life to live in this young man. However, what he was able to accomplish in his life is beyond powerful. On the screen his magnetism and talent were evident. Off the screen, his heart was giving. We have so much to learn from this King we watched and shared with our families. Dream big. Unite the black people to see a future greater than our imaginations. When we take the black people of the world and unite them under the umbrella of a great kingdom we can see the stars align in our favor. His death gives birth the millions of children who saw themselves in Black Panther or Thurgood Marshall to rise to the occasion in the next generation. With Chadwick, so many things became possible. We imagined it so and so it became. Wakanda Forever, young King. Rest in Peace. 


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