Virtual Learning Tips

 It has been a challenge getting everyone in the house, including a neighbor needing wifi, up and running. So far, my ATT Internet Plan is working well. The kids are in different school systems so that has been interesting seeing how they differ. The district is working hard but some things I learned to do were closing my browser and trying again. Also, I allowed all cookies on the devices so their applications could work properly and they could log on. Their school devices didn't have the right browser settings so doing these things helped a lot.  

I suggest going with your town's biggest internet provider that provides the best coverage and the best customer service. You should be spending about $50 to $100 for the Internet alone if you don't have cable or phone. Negotiate your price. That's completely possible. I don't have cable or phone, just Internet through ATT and I pay a flat rate of $70/month. If they raise it, I complain and I get them to lower it back to $70. So now I have a contract that is like a utility bill and I know how to budget without getting in expenses over my head. I also picked a plan that allows for multiple devices running simultaneously. A hotspot isn't enough for virtual school learning for multiple computers, phones, and smart TVs running at the same time. 

Those are some tips I have. If you have any questions about virtual learning, just ask and I may be able to point you in the right direction. Maybe, just maybe, not promising anything. Just trying to help the parents who are having a hard time logging in or haven't gotten their virtual learning setup and Internet connection completed just yet.

Also, until your kids are in their schools properly situated, BrainPop and and Khan Academy are helpful tools to keep them busy and assist in homeschooling. 


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