I'm waiting for the rain to come, a release that cleanses and nourishes the land and calms my spirit.  We have runoff elections in my neck of the woods and I'm just waiting for tomorrow to come so I can vote. I'm frustrated because my candidate has an opponent that became a Democrat very recently. So recently, it seems she became a Democrat just to run in this part of town. All of a sudden, she saw the light. She's sanctified now. Just a load of silliness to me. But it's a serious race and she's put up a good fight. I have no idea what will happen, but I am concerned that our possible blue wave may have Republicans dressed up as Democrats. Be open-minded some may say. Maybe she's going to do good. She has never been to any of the meetings that people who really care about the issues go to, like homeowners meetings, civic meetings, council meetings, and commissioner meetings. I've never seen her at a rally and I really didn't want to see her show up in my driveway during COVID-19 shutdown when most people were staying indoors. Not the time to campaign, Ms.  I've never seen her in this area and I've never heard of her except that her husband was appointed by Republicans until very recently. In this state, where Democrats have struggled to get bills passed and have been in the minority for a very long time, people who truly care about the people and get things done for the people matter.  I like my candidate because she is a peacemaker of both sides and seems to be effective in compromise and working with others. I am also very biased. I've known my candidate for many years and I really believe in her. I think she's worked hard to get on committees that truly make a difference and I believe she has been a voice for us that we can call on for little or big things. She has helped so many people dealing with their unemployment, spoken up for young ones going off to school or the military, fixed potholes, lights, brought in sidewalks, and also helped with creating a hotel tax that goes directly into the county funds. When we wanted a new flag, she was there. Scholarships for the kids going off to college, she was there. Hate Crime legislation, she was there.  From the little things to the big things, she's proven herself to be a person people can find at the meetings, in the homes, at the rallies, on the job....she's good. And I hope my local readers know who I'm talking about. If you don't. Ask me. I'll tell you and I hope you'll vote. It's about to start pouring down rain right now. Lord, let the better person win. 


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