Evictions - Stability and Support is Needed


Never does a day go by in my life that I don't thank God that I have a roof over my head. COVID-19 job losses and disruption has led to a number of evictions happening across the nation. So far, national guidelines preventing this from happening have not taken priority in the current administration.  There are 30-40 million people at risk of losing their homes because of this pandemic. 

Now, we begin to watch the evictions take place on television and you read about them in the papers. Families carrying all that they can as sheriffs oversee and watch. The numbers are astounding. I can't really grapple with the millions at risk. I just can't imagine so many people flooding the streets without homes.  This pandemic is showing the weak spots of America and they are there. 

We have to question how we let corporations and their leaders make billions, while their workers can't afford to have adequate housing. Why is government spending on defense so large while Americans cannot survive with the minimum wage jobs so many have lost? The Defense discretionary budget was $686.1 billion in 2019. Housing assistance rounded up to $51 billion. 

Money could be better spent on helping Americans get permanent housing through regulations on the real estate markets that aren't predatory and unfair. Minorities get a large dose of inequality when it comes to qualifying for homes. We need permanent homes. We need protection from the banks. How banks received their massive bailouts because they were too big to fail does not make sense to me when the average American has no lifeboat from the government when the tides turn against them. 

The current aid packages like unemployment benefits are not steady and it comes in gaps. People could land themselves on the street waiting for their jobs to return or assistance from their local and federal government. People need homes, permanent homes.  Let's make housing a priority soon so we can make sure the streets aren't flooded with homeless families. 


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