Restructure, Reform...


What are we going to do about a justice system full of white supremacist philosophy and followers? We have to change the system. We have to completely restructure and reformulate America's laws and policing that is full of injustice. We must give the incarcerated their voices back by allowing them to vote and we must make sure that every person ready to make changes votes out corruption. We must create a space that all are equal and that does not let Breonna Taylor, and the thousands and thousands like her, not receive the justice they are due. 

I never thought I would see myself in a war against structural hate permeating my life, my country, my safety...but that is where I am. I am in a war against a destructive, hateful group that refuses to see my life because it is black and female, as something to protect and cherish. This group is funded by government structures, corporations, and people who turn a blind eye to the injustices going on in this country. From local courthouses to corporate lobbies, there is a massive problem. We must make systemic changes that do not rely on keeping people of color subservient to a dominant, white class. 

 Nothing is permanent. The people can rise up and change structures in this country because we are not in an authoritarian state. We have the true power that so many are trying to slowly dismantle. The power to vote. The power to hold office. The power to speak out. The power to disagree with those in charge. 

The people have power. We have the power to rewrite the system. This is possible. This is necessary. It is right. We must join with other oppressed people in the world, including those in Palestine that are living under oppression, North and South American indigenous peoples fighting for their rights and lives, African peoples living under the oppression of structures created by European colonizers, those in Asia fighting for sovereignty and freedom, the black and brown people of America, the indigenous of Australia, the people of Belarus... anyone living under oppression and corruption that struggle. 

We can unite and see the struggles of our neighbors as our own. We can say to those that rule that we do not want war, we want justice. This is all possible.  We must acknowledge that imprisoning people through mass incarceration is wrong. We have the tools. We have each other. There is a path towards a better planet. 


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