40ish Feels Good

 I absolutely loved 40-Year-Old Version. As a 40+ woman showing off the grays and the changes over the years on this blog, I feel so good watching us on screen becoming even more beautiful as time happens. I was reminded to be at peace with myself when a face and life we may not have chosen appears. We blend time in our oils and potions for our skin with wisdom and care that comes with age. I won't spill one peep of that fantastic movie except to tell you to watch it.

A lot of times I don't wear makeup on camera. I don't mind showing off the changes. I stopped dyeing my hair a couple years back and I am fascinated by it now. At first I thought it was too early to go gray, but I feel so free and my hair has been healthier without the dye. I still try to take care of my skin, but I am trying new things lately. I have a lot of discoloration possibly because of my years working in the sun, acne and time of course. I've decided to try to repair, but I'm not expecting a miracle. Makeup helps when I feel I need to add or cover.

As I get ready for my gastric bypass I expect my face will be changing again. In the meantime, I will love my face, my body, my life and be so grateful that I have so many blessings. I'm showing off my products that keep me feeling good.

Love yourself 😘.


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