Krishna Das

 I had a spiritual friend and I didn’t even realize it. For years when I hear Krishna Das music I would just sing along and try to clear my head. I would usually feel calm afterward. I used to listen on the subway all the time. The movement and music was soothing. So on Facebook someone posted a link to his weekly online satsang, a meeting place, and I watched for the first time. In all these years I never had a face to the music. I sang along and thought of the loved ones who are with me in spirit. It was joyful. He also answered questions and I realized real quick that thoughts can overpower a mind. I feel like I have some thoughts on a broken record. To rid myself of it takes practice. Also, Ego definitely gets in my way. I have to practice self love while giving myself a chill pill occasionally when it comes to my point of view, my perspective, my thoughts...

I do that through letting go, loving all, and practice.


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