Passivity is not an option.

 As I continue reading Audre Lorde and the powerful Black woman like her, I realize that to not have anger as black woman in America is almost impossible. Anger can spark change. Stifling myself from feeling anger is actually a form of self censorship unnecessary when the anger can make positive change. How can we stop being angry about Breonna Taylor and others? We must have the ability to move mountains with our angry voices to stop  hatred in its tracks. We must be ready to take office, rewrite laws, speak out against racism and its unholy grip on American society. There is a time and place for passivity. This is not the time nor place for that. Nor does the color of my skin make me accept less than equal rights and justice.  I feel like both the Church and Buddhism give me space to forgive, heal... but as a black woman, I must hear voices like Lorde to inspire the fight needed in me to keep up the pressure on racism, violence and the hatred of ignorant people. I must let out my frustrations through my voice and my actions. I choose change.


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