Virtual No Go

 My youngest daughter is struggling with online courses. It is not the best format for her. She is late with assignments and gets easily distracted (🐈). I am trying to support her, but I absolutely refuse to take on the responsibilities she needs to learn. Recording and completing homework are important. The level of middle school magnet homework challenges her. She is learning that she has to do the work and it's a lot. Online classes seems to be a lot of work when you fall behind. She's learning. She does miss the classroom, but I think it will be awhile before school opens up. I feel for her. Virtual learning is not her learning style, but she has to adapt.  Children are stressed, teachers and parents, too. It's a matter of safety and I choose to practice self care to get through it. I pamper myself now. And I'm getting more exercise. I'm teaching her to do the same. As for learning, I just keep her on task as best I can. The struggle is real.


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