This moment in time, wreaked with such heartache and havoc finally bears a rainbow. As we usher in a new President in January, we must give thanks that we are here alive, able to live and see the horizon. 


I’ve lost a good friend, a Republican, in the aftermath of the results of this latest election. We are truly a nation divided. She chose Party over friendship. She asked me to bare my soul numerous times to explain why on earth I chose the Democratic ticket, why I stood for giving women choices in their reproductive health, why the children at the border separated from their mothers were heartbeats worth saving, as well. The questions were many. Why, black woman, do you think the way you do? On many occasions, I tried to educate, but there are books upon books of people discussing human rights issues. I shouldn’t be the one expected to educate. I should be a friend, not a professor of humanity. 


But for her, it was a single issue, she believed that being pro-life was the only thing that mattered. She had to save dying babies from their murderous mothers. The same women who lived in countries that banned abortions set out for America with their children, hoping that they will be able to work for food, housing, doctors, education – whatever they need to exist in this world today. 


I watch those mothers with so few choices. A mother, whether she wants to be or not. Maybe she wanted two children, but with a lack of reproductive rights, she has ten.  Without selling her soul or being captured by drug cartels and trafficking, she knows her children may go hungry at any given time. She can’t find food. She can’t find work. Her schools are plagued with violence and gangs, so her children are never safe. Her government has been ransacked with criminals who do nothing like creating jobs, housing, and general care of the population. Her community is ransacked with litter and foul water because there are no garbage trucks and recycling and cleaning of rivers. She cannot fight the large companies pouring poison into her drinking water because there are no environmental agencies protecting her land. 


This woman may think she’s voiceless, but she is not. She has me. She has millions of others fighting for her. She deserves the comfort my friend has – a roof over her head, educated children, a full belly, clean water. The list goes on. I would say to my friend now, educate yourself on the histories of the peoples of the world, not just what the Internet or the Church or the Mosque has to say about it. Educate yourself and see that people are suffering and our might as Americans across that planet has caused so much unnecessary suffering. 


The governments of the world, mine included, face a reckoning, the planet’s people need their basic rights. I am a fighter for the people. That’s why I’m a Democrat. Living people, not cells in my belly that might create a child. I fight for humanity.


Francia McCormack is a University of Georgia graduate that has written for Ms. Magazine, The New York Law Journal, The Post and Courier of South Carolina, and many other publications since graduating from the Grady School of Journalism. She is a mother of two in Stone Mountain. 


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