Somebody take the scale away.

 Still no more weight loss. Completely normal. Trying to go with the flow. I've had gastric bypass so now it's just a matter of time until my body decides to get with the program. Because I now have to crush pills, I decided to try life without my antidepressants for a spell. Bad idea. My short temper flared up as well as feelings of profound boredom. I've spent many years building coping skills and activities for me to do to combat those feelings. Usually, medicated, I feel just fine going to my arsenal of activities. 

What I find is that the feelings of boredom usually lead to me not getting out of bed and facing the day. However, after a call to my psychiatrist and pharmacy, I was able to get meds and start feeling better right away. This is not typical of antidepressants, but I find Wellbutrin picks my mood up quite quickly. I also take Cymbalta, but I'm waiting for my doctor to prescribe something that isn't extended-release. My surgeon let me know that extended-release medicines will not work with my new stomach. 

I'm slowly working my way back down into my studio. I was gifted beautiful dried flowers that I can't wait to collage or do encaustic work with. I am being patient because I want to make something really beautiful with them. 

In all honesty, I also lost my temper this week because I found out a cousin voted for Trump. I had a mixture of emotions when I found out. At first, I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously? You, black man, voted for HIM? I thought of the few black men that came out saying they were voting for him. Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, 50 Cent.  I guess he appeals to a certain man in ways Biden couldn't. I've spent a lot of time breaking down my thoughts with my best friend and mother, but because I do love my cousin, I won't make them public. In the end, it was his choice. That's all that matters, right? He has a choice and he made his decision. I will never say I understand, but I will just say that I will do my best to accept him as he is - a Trumpet. 


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