Reflections on America

 I find that the events over the last few weeks leave the world wondering exactly how can a world leader like America survive its own dysfunction. I've had people abroad tell me they are watching our news intently, watching it unfold like a bad soap opera, except that it is real life and scary. 

But from my perspective, the wins of the Senate by the Democrats felt like a victory that let me know that legislation will pass and there will not be a stalemate because the Democrats are the majority in both houses of Congress and the executive branch, the presidency. 

This means to me that we will see progressive changes to healthcare, voting rights, justice reform, infrastructure, and vaccinations among a few of the many tasks ahead. I hope to reach across the aisle to my Republicans and say that your needs will also be addressed because we are one nation, divided now, but maybe not in the future. Unity is key to the development of our nation in these trying times. We must accept that we have to be a part of our solution by having difficult conversations so we can get back to enjoying each other's company and opinions. 

Sadly, public discourse has become a true mess. We attack each other instead of coming up with constructive criticism of those we disagree with. I admit I've been quite emotional with a cousin I know that voted for Trump. It was hard for me to take his vote seriously. I never imagined that a black man I know would vote for him so I found it comical. I literally laughed in his face numerous times. I thought I was Chris Rock with the jokes I thought were fitting for such an act. But I hurt his feelings. He may not have agreed with a lot about Trump, but he did feel he was a good president. I had to bypass my own feelings of disagreement to come to the fact that we would have to see differently and I would have to respect his choices, even if I disagreed. 

We are taking a break from each other right now, as I truly hurt his feelings. I feel bad about that. I hope to be more understanding in the future. I know no good can come from divided families. So I hope for reconciliation when the time is right. 

But I cannot deny that I look forward to immigration reform and to stop seeing families separated at the border. I hope to see fewer people in detention centers just because they want to come to America in search of the American dream. We must take heed that people matter no matter their skin tones and immigrants are a vibrant and necessary part of the American dream. Without immigrants, there would be no America. We must remember that. 

I also feel that the diversity of the Biden cabinet and staff is a sign of the good of America. When we all work together I see there will be hope and change for the better. I know this election has been hard on 74 million Americans that voted for Trump. I am sorry that some of them feel the need to be violent is their only solution. I'm also sad that millions aren't coming forward and checking the terrorists in their own backyards and discouraging this behavior. 

We need each other right now. We have to work together, but for now, I will take the wins as a sign that Americans want equality and justice for all. Let us grow together instead of apart. Let us solve our problems as one unified nation fighting an uphill battle against a raging disease, racism, and poverty. We can be better and I pray we will be. 


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