Time is of necessary importance these days

As you grow further from the womb

That cocooned you in my warmth and blood.

You stretch yourselves to the heavens

Further from my reach.

I hold onto those sacred memories

Blossomed from nurturing you

And learning from you.

My daughters, I hold you to the light,

Squeezing my eyes and mind 

To understand you better.

Your personalities ever changing

As chemicals new to your form,

Racing through at rapid speed.

Monthly pains dictate 

You are almost women 

But so much more to learn

From me, Mother, Friend, Teacher.

Listen as I pray for you.

Take solace that our cord was never cut

In light, as generations pass through me

To you.

Infinity speaks our love bond.

Forever in space time,

That is our link.

Take comfort, children.

We are one.


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