I just finished The Book of Joy, wisdom from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. It was such a fantastic book. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a deeper meaning to true compassion and gratitude. We all seek joy.  By showing loving kindness to all beings and giving thanks daily for life and every breath, we can reach a place of joy in our hearts that starts from within.


It made me think about how praying for the suffering of others and even my own suffering makes me in tune with humanity. When I find compassion for even those that have committed harm to others, I grow into a person I can love and respect. 


As the news rattles off tales of injustice, I find that immersing myself in these stories don’t bog down my soul. It is an opportunity for prayer and compassion.  


Truly, in this moment I feel joy. Yes, I do have a moment in the sunny paradise of Aruba, but I feel that joy even in cloudy, dark skies filled with thunder and rain. My joy comes from knowing being cognizant in this moment of time is a rare blessing in the Universe. Every breath is treasured.


Read this book, people. It is such a gift to the human literary canon.


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