The First Days of Aruba

 It was a good day to fly. I give thanks. I headed to Aruba safely and with an excellent pilot in charge. I touched down in Aruba and thankfully passed the COVID test I received on arrival. I am vaccinated now, but that didn't mean I got out of the test.  I feel safer traveling being vaccinated, but I still practice precaution. 

I was met by my lovely cousin who runs Her name is Kari and she's quite talented. She hosts cooking classes and is a photographer in Aruba. You can sign up for the chef and steward experience on 

I've been to the pool so far and I plan to go to the beach soon. I had a telehealth appointment with my surgeon to check my nutrients. I have to start taking zinc, potassium, and more iron. Yes, the surgery was a success, but I'm not getting all the nutrients I need right now. And being anemic is exhausting. I'm tired all the time.

I'm enjoying my trip, but I long for my children. I haven't traveled without them in a while. I miss them terribly. One will be coming down here in about a week, but I originally planned for both of them to come. School resuming stopped one from coming.

So far so good. But I do need to stay active and really take advantage of this experience. Thankful.


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