The day is full of tornadoes. Praying for all those affected. Rain coming down in buckets, then nothing for a while. Then it starts again. 

I finished the Physics of God by Selbie. Great read. I hope people will to take it on. Next on the list is The Water Dancer by Coates. I have it for a book club so I need to get on it. I found The Buddha in Your Mirror by Hochswender, Martin and Morino in my basement. How it got there and who it belongs to is a mystery, but it's mine now. I want to read it very soon.

I have a need to talk incessantly. I'm always wanting to strike up a conversation with someone. I can talk for hours and forget I had things to do.  

I cleaned my studio. Ordered some supplies for encaustic work. Not everything I need though. Just need to get beeswax. 

I miss Aruba's beaches. Lovely place that sparks my creativity. 

I still want to chat instead of read. The chatterbox in me is alive and well.

Peace be with you. Thanks for reading. 


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